Private Tuition Service - Something a little different and often better than standard 121 training!

121 Training can be brilliant for people (or dogs) that don’t feel at ease in group classes or cannot find training classes to fit the required time of personal availability. However, often 121s that take place in a local park or in home with children or other pets can be less value for money than expected, as the excitement of visitors can cause both children, dogs and other pets to be rowdy and unsettled in the home bringing extra challenges and time wasted. Taking a puppy or dog to a park to train them to come back when called or not pull on lead can also turn into a lot of wasted time filled with curious strangers coming up to talk and give their personal unprofessional unneeded and asked for advice! Strange dogs can also run up and into the face of a nervous dog, who is there for a 121 session to build confidence – setting a dog back before they have even began. Dogs can also be territorial or frightened in the home when strangers enter - including dog trainers! But are much more at ease outside the confines of home, and better able to learn and start to trust. In-home 121 sessions can also be too long and stressful for nervous or excitable dogs, making progress slower. Shorter and often sessions trump long sessions every time. 

PRIVATE TUITION SERVICE comes to the rescue!

Come to one of Canine School for Skills training facilitates with on-site hall and secure field for weekly 45 minute training sessions. Where you will receive lots of hands on help, guidance and advice in an environment where plenty of puppies, dogs and children focus better than the home or park setting, to give your dog strong foundations to truly succeed!  

As well as a hall with toilet and tea making facilities, there is also a secure field ideal for teaching puppies/adult dog’s recall off lead, safe in the knowledge they cannot be lost. Also fun interactive equipment is available to use for dogs that require confidence building. A good natured adult dog can be arranged to come in to aid in helping nervous puppies/and small dogs to build confidence. 

During sessions Rebecca can also spot behaviour problems arising, giving owners the ability to make positive changes before it is too late. She can also offer breed specific advice so owner and dog can improve their relationship, and ensure their breed's exercise and mental stimulation needs are met to prevent serious behavioural problems.

Private tuition service is £90 for three 45 minute 121 venue sessions or £162 for Six 45 minute 121 sessions for dogs requiring basic training or have general training related issues. For serious behaviour problems, state problem when e-mailing, plus breed, sex, size and age to book an assessment. 

VENUES IN HANWELL, W7 or  NORTHOLT UB5 from 2pm to 8pm start times. Field floodlit for late evening training. 

PRIVATE FOUNDATION AND BEGINNERS AGILITY CLASSES ALSO AVAILABLE ON THURSDAYS UNTIL 7PM. £25 per half hour (Hanwell Only!). Discounts available for those currently in Canine School for Skills group classes, please ask.


Puppy & Dog Training Classes in Hanwell, Ealing, West London.