Rebecca T. Harris - Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant 

As a dog behaviour consultant I specialise in dogs that have a negative response to certain stimuli: the presence of other dogs/people, being handled, sounds and more. I have a passion for working with owners of nervous dogs and dogs displaying aggression motivated by fear (many of these dogs are rescues). I'm also able to effectively deal with a whole range of other behavioural and training problems; successfully restoring harmony to the dog-human relationship. 

I am a fully certificated dog training class instructor promoting only effective force free training methods to aid you in creating a stronger bond between you and your dog. I run family friendly group dog training classes, consisting of comprehensive six week courses. Classes are held at secure indoor and outdoor venues in the Ealing area. Click here to read how I run my training classes.

I hold qualifications/have education in:  I have studied with (among others...): I am fully insured and committed to continuing professional development. I keep myself up to date with the latest thinking on dog psychology and regularly attend training workshops, conferences and seminars of the most respected dog behaviorists and trainers. I only use reward-based training and behaviour modification methods. I am passionate about dogs and helping their people!

- Rebecca T. Harris

“Our puppy Teddy has been coming to Canine School for Skills since he was ten weeks old. When we first brought him home he was incredibly timid and more interested in other owners rather than other dogs. After attending puppy and improvers classes, Teddy has grown in confidence massively. Now at 7 months he loves other dogs and doesn't freak out or freeze when he meets new dogs. He is also much better at dealing with new and unfamiliar situations. In puppy classes we covered basics like sit, down, come, look, off and touch, but Rebecca also provided information on other aspects of dog ownership e.g preventing food aggression, advice on how to make pups more comfortable being examined so that they are not too stressed at the vets. The classes themselves are fun and particularly since starting improvers, the classes have involved lots of games to improve skills such as recall and stays whilst there are distractions. Every week we cover a few different activities and Rebecca gives suggestions on how continue practising at home. The class sizes are small enough that Rebecca can get to know the individual pups and provide more personalised advice throughout the lessons. Rebecca is always happy to give advice and tips relating to Teddy's behaviour at home. Her input has been invaluable to us as first time dog owners, helping us conquer some of Teddy's odd phobias and picky eating. The classes alone are great, but the access to Rebecca's wealth of knowledge and the fact she is always willing to help, means that Canine School for Skills is more than just obedience training for us. It is probably Teddy's favourite part of the week. We would highly recommend it for anyone who wants a fun approach to dog training. ”

- Mira

“Bob has been training with Rebecca in her puppy social, beginner class, intermediate class and agility class! It is always an amazing amount of fun and he really enjoys it. Every time we walk through the venue of the classes, he will try to get in. We have been waiting for his adolescent to kick in but still there's no sign of it at the age of 10 month. I think we can accredit this to all the training he received so far. We fixed lots of problem along the way and I can't believe how sweet Bob is these days. Dog training is hard, but Rebecca does make it much easier if you follow her instructions and advices.”

    - Wenzhe Shi

Amazing classes, can't get enough of Canine School for Skills. Rebecca puts 100% into making sure puppies have best possible start in life. She packs classes full of vital information for the puppy owner, I have been to other classes with pervious dogs but Rebecca's are by far the best I have ever found - she has taught me so much, and really helped me form a wonderful relationship with my current dog. She also has fantastic follow on classes for those who want to continue their dogs education too - Improvers class is so much fun, so much so I kept going for over a year but had to stop due to work commitments. Rebecca is very experienced and qualified dog trainer (has been training dogs for half her life!), she is warm, engaging and makes everybody feel their dog is really cared about. Lovely person! I am looking forward to joining her Agility classes this year with Monty my Whippet. :-)

- Emma Lorenz

Training and Behaviour

Puppy and Dog Training Classes in Hanwell, Ealing, West London.

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