Agility, fun for dogs and their humans!

Agility is a great way to participate in a fun activity that provides your dog with excellent mental and physical stimulation. At Agility class you will learn how to really work with and bond with your dog in order to finish fun and challenging tasks, that provide great exercise for you and your dog.

Wolves are programmed to chase and seek prey to survive in the wild
, during hunts they are required to navigate through different kinds of environments; jumping barriers caused by fallen trees, climbing over rocks and going through narrow passageways in the undergrowth or earth. Dog agility mimics these natural scenarios and in doing so it utilize's natural instincts in a positive controlled way for our modern world. 

Not only does attending agility classes regularly help to resolve excess energy, it strengthens your dogs muscles, improving his/her coordination and cardio health.

Dog agility will also increase your ability to communicate with your much loved canine friend, in a fulfilling way for your dog, effectively increasing the trust, respect and love between you.  In turn, this will help to improve your dog’s overall behaviour, as you build great team playing skills together!

These are foundation classes for dogs with no previous agility experience. Jumps will be set to age-appropriate level. If you have a dog under 9 months, this can mean jumps will at first be ankle height or on the floor, because very young dogs shouldn’t be jumping any higher, however you will find your dog enjoys the lesson just as much.

Requirements: Dogs which have basic training and show no signs of aggression towards other dogs while on or off lead, and are happy to be handled. A free assessment will take place prior to course start date.

Please note: If you own a Flat-faced (brachycephalic) or long backed dog breed, a note from your vet will be required, stating your dog is physically able to take part in agility safely.

Course Fees: £98 for 8 weeks



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