Rebecca's modular treatment program sets her apart from most other dog behaviourists and trainers. Instead of one long session, treatment costs are spread over several shorter more effective sessions. 

Does your dog...
  • Suffer from odd fears or phobias
  • Growl and lunge at other dogs
  • Bark at men, women or children
  • Resist being groomed
  • Snap when certain body parts are touched
  • Have trouble getting into the car
  • Steal and destroy items around the house
  • Bark excessively
  • Fear going certain places
  • Appear very nervous or defensive
  • Seems to almost bounce off the walls, hyperactive 
Consultations are usually carried out in the owner's home. I prefer to see the whole family as well as meeting your dog for initial information gathering. This assessment and interview lasts approximately 1 hour but can be up to 1hr 30 minutes in complex cases. It will involve taking a full history from you and observation of the dog, to gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying cause/triggers for the problems being presented. This will enable me to devise a fully tailored treatment plan within 7 - 10 days.

To implement the treatment plan a full hour treatment session will be required to follow on from the initial assessment. In this session I explain the plan in detail and guide you through the stages of treatment. Practical aspects of the plan will be explained and demonstrated during this visit. Leaving you with a full understanding of what is required from you going forward. 

Normally one follow on treatment session is enough to bring about real change, if the treatment plan is followed correctly by the client as directed. If issues are numerous or severe, three plus sessions maybe required. You will be advised of this as soon as possible. 

Professional Fees

The initial consultation is typically £65 and follow on treatment sessions are priced similarly. There is no requirement to take the first treatment session straight away after consultation.

Why Choose

Giving breathing space can be important to clients to talk with family, friends or anyone else that may become involved with the treatment plan before it is implemented.

Breathing space of up to 3 months from initial assessment (upon request) allows lower income families the chance to obtain the highest standard of care and treatment instead of resorting to unqualified trainers or group training classes which are detrimental to dogs presenting behavioural problems.

MOST BEHAVIOURISTS prefer to do history/information gathering, assessment and start of treatment in one session lasting anything from 3 - 5 hours, billing the client anything up to £500 to be paid in full on the day. This has many disadvantages to both the client and their dog:

  1. Dog often subjected to significant stress through prolonged session time: affecting ability to learn and cope. (Especially true when dealing with dogs experiencing fear or anxiety related to interaction with strangers!)
  2. Details that may have come to light later to aid helping the dog can be missed because there is a rush to come to a conclusion quickly and get on with the treatment. The result can be a poorly executed treatment program.
  3. Client unable to take in or remember all the required information to achieve a speedy and successful outcome. Can result in client needing a refresher session, costing even more money and time than necessary.
  4. Client and family maybe tired from work, school or be pressed for time due to other engagements. Many don't want a behaviour consultant to take up many  hours of their day/evening!
  5. Paying full treatment fees as one block sum makes treatment costs difficult to manage for lower income clients.
Working with your Vet

In cases of aggression with no obvious cause, it is important that I work closely with your veterinary surgeon to obtain an up to date clinical history of any problems, and details of any investigations already undertaken. This ensures all medical causes of behaviour problems have been ruled out/addressed prior to the consultation.

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