Responsible Class Management for Wellbeing
Canine School for Skills classes are designed to be fun, family friendly, informative and ultimately very rewarding for all involved. Using the most up-to-date knowledge and ethical training techniques - you can have a happy polite dog that walks nicely on the lead, doesn't leap up at strangers, and is generally a socially well adjusted companion you can happily take anywhere. What's more your dog will actully enjoy complying with your requests. There is no need to have a battle of wills!

Training exercises are explained in detail verbally and by demonstration. You will also have access via e-mail to training advice from Rebecca on anything taught in class throughout the six weeks, as well as any other puppy issues you maybe struggling with.

No one should be struggling to teach their dog in a packed noisy class, feeling unmotivated and undervalued so Canine School for Skills purposely limits the number of dogs per class, and carefully vets the dogs coming in to make sure they truly are suitable for the training class environment. This means lessons must be booked and paid for in advance to avoid missing out. And you and your dog can progress over the weeks in a stable welcoming environment.

Classes are typically booked in six week blocks and should you enjoy the classes so much that you want to go further in training your dog, you will have the chance to be invited to excuslive advance classes where Rebecca will tailor your lesson within a group class to best suit you and your dogs training needs.

Appropriate Socialisation and Confidence Building for Puppies

Canine School for Skills puppy classes are all about quality time, no time is wasted.

Many owners enroll their dogs into typical club run puppy obedience classes for them to be taught sit, down and heel but these dogs still go on to develop completely avoidable behaviour problems. As puppy obedience classes are often run by instructors with little knowledge of the importance of the psychological development stages of puppy and adolescent dogs. Not having a background in the study of behaviour, they cannot spot potential serious issues arising (fear of people/other dogs, trust issues around toys, food or handling, etc.) let alone help to prevent or fix problems.

Canine School for Skills classes are designed to enable your puppy to grow up to be well-mannered, confident and resilient with helpful exercises and the correct advice (founded in academic knowledge of canine behaviour and learning) to prevent/overcome problems at this most vital stage in your dog's life. The number of puppies in attendance is limited, to ensure that everyone gets enough individual attention.

Pups will learn how to sit calmly, settle down and offer ‘keep still’ behaviour for examination, along with plenty of trust building exercises to avoid future problems: such as guarding items, separation distress and grooming issues that are all too common in dogs deprived a good education Your puppy will also learn frustration tolerance to avoid noisy attention barking and destructiveness. And self-control so your dog won't steal food right off your plate, knock over the kids or run away with your best socks. As well as all the basic obedience cues (commands). With all important advice on toilet training, play biting and much more too.


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